Can the flatbed printer print without coating?

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At present, the application field of flatbed printers is becoming wider and wider, and it gradually penetrates into people’s food, clothing, housing, and transportation, and is closely related to people’s lives. The UV flatbed printer needs to spray a layer of coating on the surface of the article before printing on the smooth surface of the article, and then perform the printing work.

Is there any way to achieve the printing effect without spraying the layer? Is there a UV printer that can be coated without coating?

    We know that the purpose of spraying a layer of coating on the surface of the object when the flatbed printer is working is to increase the absorption force of the object to the ink and make the image easier to form. If the coating is not used, how can the problem of the ink absorption of the articles be solved? That is, what is the principle of the coating-free flatbed printer?

     The coating-free flatbed printer is based on the ordinary flatbed printer with UV lamps and the use of UV ink to increase the adhesion of the article, and other usage methods, operating steps, printing functions, etc. are the same as ordinary UV flatbed printers . Coating-free flatbed printers mainly rely on the characteristics of UV inks. When printing, UV inks are rapidly solidified and imaged under the irradiation of UV lamps, and the ink will not spread out. Flatbed printers use UV ink to print. Although the spray layer is omitted, the printed items can be placed for much longer than ordinary printers, and it is more trouble-free than ordinary UV printers, saves worry and reduces production costs .

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