Can uv printers print gradient colors?

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Can UV printers print gradient colors?

The answer is: absolutely possible.

We know that traditional printing methods (silk printing, screen printing) cannot achieve gradual color effects, but UV flatbed printers can easily do it. Because you want to print the gradient color effect, you must require the printing device to have 8 colors (C, M, K, Y, LC, LK, LM, LY), namely: blue, red, black, yellow, light blue, light red, light black, light yellow.

The UV flatbed printer is equipped with 8 colors of ink, the effect of printing gradient colors is very good, the transition is natural, and the lines are smooth, which fundamentally solves the defects of the traditional printing process.

Take glass as an example, the most common home decoration material, and share a few printing cases with you:


It can be seen from the above cases that the gradual color of the glass printed by the UV flatbed printer is too natural and amazing. Friends who need to print gradient colors, please contact us quickly!


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