Do we need to pay attention to the specific circumstances of UV printer use?

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Some consumers have a lot of problems after buying UV printers and going back within a few days, and it may be caused by improper operation processes. Reasonable use of UV printers can not only increase the service life of mechanical equipment but also reduce damage to mechanical equipment. So what must be paid attention to in the specific situation of UV printers?

Geographical environment

As a class of delicate mechanical equipment, UV printers stipulate the inevitable geographic environment of the operation process. Generally speaking, the working environment of UV printers should be 18-20 degrees Celsius as much as possible, and the relative humidity of the air should be between 40%-60%. Then the machine can be guaranteed It is not easy to produce static shielding during the operation of the equipment and the printing effect is not good. In addition to the temperature and relative humidity of the air, the UV printer should still have a clean geographical environment as much as possible to avoid dust falling on the printing materials.

Cooperate with mechanical equipment

In addition to the geographical environment requirements, it is generally only used for TV background walls, sliding doors, decorative oil paintings, and other products. It is also required to prepare a variety of mechanical equipment such as air compressors, paint spray guns, electric ovens, automatic sandblasting machines, edging machines, and even light-curing machines. Naturally, this kind of mechanical equipment is not unavoidable. It should be selected according to the regulations for manufacturing products. The more supporting facilities and mechanical equipment, the more colorful the effects of the products produced, which depends on the details. Also prepare a computer to operate the process machinery and equipment.


Apply UV flatbed printers to stipulate the inevitable indoor space. The detailed indoor space rules are determined according to the annual output value. For consumers who have just started their own businesses, only 30 square meters are required. The indoor space occupied by mechanical equipment is roughly regulated. 7-10 square meters, other local materials can be placed

   Generally speaking, when consumers are investigating UV printer manufacturers and selecting the specific circumstances of the universal flatbed printer, the geographical environment, cooperating mechanical equipment, and venue mentioned above must all be prepared before the UV flatbed printer arrives.


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