Do you know how to choose a good DTG printer?

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With the development of the economy, people’s demand for clothing is becoming more and more comfortable, personalized, and creative. The emergence of DTG printer printing technology has solved this problem that has long plagued traditional printing. In the era of traditional printing in the past, it took several days or even dozens of days for a product to be delivered from design to delivery. Customers who use DTG textile printing machines can get the finished product in just 1-2 hours after selecting the pattern and fabric, and it also satisfies consumption. The individual needs of the wearer or decoration.

        DTG printer digital printing technology is combined with network technology at the fastest speed, and then realizes a one-to-one tailor-made business model that does not require plate making, and has won the love of the public. However, in this era when DTG printer digital printing replaces traditional printing and sweeps the clothing circle, how to choose a suitable digital textile printing machine for enterprises has become a new problem! This article analyzes several factors that need to be considered when choosing a DTG printer digital textile printing machine, hoping to give you some inspiration.

1. Look at the head:

         The best and most suitable printhead for DTG printer digital textile printing machine on the market is “EPSON XP600 printhead”, EPSON XP600 printhead is an industrial-grade printhead widely used by European DTG printer digital printing factories. Frequency up to 40kHz, 6 colors optional, fully meet the requirements of industrial production.

2. Look at the printing accuracy of the printing

        Generally speaking, fabrics with finer and smoother fibers have higher precision requirements, such as silk, and chiffon, etc.; fabrics with relatively rough fibers have lower requirements on accuracy, such as canvas, sweaters, etc. When choosing printing accuracy, it should be noted that the higher the accuracy, the better, because accuracy and efficiency are two opposite factors. If the accuracy requirement is higher, the efficiency will be lower.

3. Look at the brand and model of printing ink

       Printing inks are generally divided into four types, acid inks, reactive inks, dispersion inks, and paint inks. The type of ink is selected according to the material of the fabric. When choosing ink, pay attention to whether it is suitable for the nozzle model of the printer. In addition, ink fluency, vividness, color fixation, environmental protection, etc. are all aspects to be considered in ink selection.

4. Look at the R&D capability and sustainable development of the manufacturer

        How the R&D strength of the manufacturer determines the market competitiveness of the manufacturer’s products, whether the equipment used can keep pace with the times, whether it can be upgraded, and whether there can be a new generation of products to meet the requirements of future development.

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