Do you know the importance of the UV flatbed printer rack?

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To know the importance of the UV flatbed printer, we must first know what parts it is composed of, one is the external structure, and the other is the internal structure. There are four parts of the center, namely the board, the print head, the servo motor, and the hardware workmanship (here is the rack material. Many users who do not understand are often cheated by the accuracy of the print heads of some manufacturers. In fact, this is not right. Assuming that the UV flatbed printer itself uses aluminum profiles instead of a planer milling structure, the error itself is more than 3 times that of the latter. As time goes by, the error will be greater, which constitutes an increase in the scrap rate).

Do some people say that the important thing about the UV flatbed printer is not the head? 

Yes, the head is very important, but just like the human structure, the brain is important, and the body is also important. How to support an interesting soul without a strong body, so many people often overlook a problem when investigating UV printers. The importance of frame is very important as the frame of the UV printer. All the accessories of the equipment are installed on the rack. If the rack is unstable, the quality of the entire equipment cannot be guaranteed. The head is just one kind of accessory. If a good head is fitted to an unstable machine, the quality will also be unstable. It will not take long, and the effect will get worse and worse as the frame deforms.

In fact, it is not just the rack, but all the parts and accessories of the whole equipment are actually for the head. The head is only the output link. Whether it is the frame, transmission, positioning accuracy, ink circuit system, gas circuit system, electric control system, etc., all exist for the print head to print patterns. As long as the front equipment is ready, the selected head can print high-quality pictures. The sprinkler is the last link, so the frame is very important, it supports the entire operation process.


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