Does uv flatbed printer pollute the environment?

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Noise pollution

During the color printing process, the noise decibel of the original type of tile background wall printer is less than 60 decibels, which not only meets the requirements of civil residences but also meets the decibel requirements of industrial noise. It avoids the physical hazards such as hearing and vision caused by long-term high noise pollution of the operator.


The piezoelectric inkjet printing system ensures on-demand printing, unlike traditional printing which produces a large amount of waste and waste liquid that needs to be discharged. The waste UV ink produced by a background wall printer working for a month, which does not exceed 1L, can be directly introduced into the sewer for flushing.

Light pollution

The ceramic tile printer emits light waves through the LED curing lamp during the printing process. If you stare at the wavelength of this ultraviolet light for a long time, it will cause discomfort and dry eyes. Therefore, in the design, the position of the lamp is very low to avoid the spread of high-position light. At the same time, the operator is also required to wear protective glasses during work. In practice, since the equipment is set up and automatically printed, there is no need for a technician. Time to stare.

Odor pollution

This is mainly manifested in UV ink. Although UV ink is less polluted than traditional printing dyes and has passed the environmental protection test, it does not mean that there is no pollution at all. In fact, if the printed pattern is placed for 24 hours, the smell can be volatilized After all, the smell produced during production is also small.

Because the above four core tests are in compliance with environmental printing requirements, UV flatbed printing equipment has become more and more popular among printing companies in recent years. In addition to being widely used, it is also one of the important reasons for the deep market.


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