Does UV flatbed printer really need to use factory ink?

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Buyers or users of UV flatbed printers know that after we buy the machine, the UV printer manufacturer will repeatedly emphasize that the manufacturer’s ink is required, otherwise, the nozzle will be blocked and the door will not be repaired. This binding type Many customers are disgusted by the consumption of consumables, so should we use the ink recommended by the manufacturer? If you use other inks, there will really be clogging, but the original ink of the machine will not be clogged. What are the factors that determine UV printer ink?

One, head type

Different UV printer heads are different in their own material types, internal channels, electronic transistors, ignition frequency, nozzle diameter, and other aspects. This also requires the UV ink made to conform to the characteristics of the nozzle itself, otherwise not only Directly affects the printing effect, and may block the nozzle.

Two, supporting supply

The UV ink provided by the manufacturer has been tested on the coating, varnish, white ink, and other materials required for pre-press and post-press processing processes before leaving the factory to ensure its compatibility, water resistance, and scratch resistance, and resistance. Climate and other characteristics. If it is replaced, the expected effect will not be achieved, and it may cause the pattern to be stored for a period of time, and it is easy to fade and fall off.

Three, manufacturer service

The UV ink provided by the UV flatbed printer manufacturer is used, so that the UV printer manufacturer will provide corresponding after-sales service if there is a problem with the ink path system and accessories. If it is not used, the manufacturer will not be responsible for maintenance if various problems occur. After all, the profit of this consumable is also a source of revenue for the manufacturer. This also reminds everyone that it is best not to change the uv ink at will. Once the nozzle is clogged and scrapped, the loss is much cheaper than the ink by tens of dollars.

Four, LED light curing type

The wavelength of the LED curing lamp used to irradiate the UV ink and the intensity of the emitted ultraviolet light are also different, which requires matching with the component of the photosensitive curing agent in the UV ink. If the intensity is too high, the UV ink has not been completely sprayed on the surface of the material, and it has been cured; if the intensity is too low, the pattern cannot be dried quickly, and the color will be lost as soon as it is clicked, and the scrap rate is extremely high.

All in all, it is best to use the original ink from the manufacturer. There is really no need to save a little money by purchasing ink from other sources. Not to mention the loss of the manufacturer due to after-sales service. The ink system of the machine may be blocked or even scrapped every year. The company will carry out preferential promotion activities for old customers, and can properly stock up according to their own consumption, which not only saves costs but also guarantees after-sales.


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