Epson inkjet printer can feed paper normally, but the output paper is blank, how to solve it?

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After sending the print job, the printer can feed paper normally, and the print head moves normally (for example, the printer has normal printing action, and the sound is the same as the normal printing state), but there is nothing on the output paper.

Analysis of the main reasons:

There are several reasons for the above phenomenon:

1. When installing a new ink cartridge, the yellow tape is not removed: If the yellow tape is not removed, the ink chamber inside the ink tank will be in a closed state, and air cannot enter the ink chamber through the groove channel on the surface of the ink tank, so when printing, Ink cannot be ejected through the print head.

2. It is caused by the clogging of the print head nozzle.


Step 1. Check whether the yellow tape on the ink cartridge is removed.

After opening the inner and outer packaging of the newly purchased ink cartridge, you can see that there is yellow tape on the ink cartridge. Before replacing the ink cartridge, you must remove this seal and then install it on the printer.

Step 2. Try to use the nozzle inspection tool to detect whether the nozzle is clogged.

1. Turn on the printer power and load A4 printing paper in the printer’s paper feeder;

2. Enter the “Maintenance” or “Application Tools” window in the drive:

For Windows 98/ME users:

Select “Start”-“Settings”-“Printers”, right-click the printer icon, and select “Properties”-“Maintenance” or “Utilities”.

For Windows 2000/XP/Vista users:

Select “Start”-“Control Panel”-“Printers” or “Print & Fax”, right-click the printer icon, and select “Printing Preferences”-“Maintenance” or “Utilities”.

3. Select “Nozzle Check” and select “Print” according to the on-screen prompts, and the printer will print out the nozzle check sample;

4. If the printed nozzle check pattern appears to lack color or broken lines, please select the “Print Head Cleaning” button to clean the print head, as shown in Figure (2). During the cleaning process, when the power indicator stops flashing, it indicates that the print head cleaning operation is complete.


       If cleaning the print head 3 times in the same day is still ineffective, it is recommended to leave it for 24 hours to allow the ink to fully soak the print head, and then do a nozzle check to avoid wasting ink.


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