Five reasons why uv printer heads are expensive?

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When it comes to the price of UV printer heads, whether it is a new user or a user who already has the equipment, the response is “expensive”. This “expensive” is not only the high price of the head but also the high maintenance cost and the low-cost performance caused by the short service life. So, what are the reasons for this phenomenon?

1. Technopoly

This is the core reason. The head technology is mainly monopolized by the United Kingdom and Japan. The corresponding technology and related technologies have already applied for patents. So far, there is no way to develop and produce heads for uv printers in China. Therefore, there is no market bargaining power, and they can only passively accept the price offered by the other party.

2. Taxes

Since the heads need to be imported, import duties must be paid. In addition, the logistics costs, storage, and other expenses incurred in the process will increase the price of the heads.

3. Channel provider

If the head manufacturer develops the domestic market by itself, it needs to consume a lot of manpower, labor, and financial resources, because they have selected some enterprises with relatively large domestic influence as their agents. It is impossible for the agents themselves to work in vain, so they need to charge corresponding fees on the heads.

4. Hype

This situation has happened many times, mainly in the type of heads without a fixed general generation. This type of head is divided by many agents. When the UV printer industry is in peak season, the demand for heads in the terminal is relatively large, and they will stock up one after another. Raise the price. The most serious one in the past two years, the price has increased by one or two thousand dollars compared with before. This is very harmful to end users. The standard configuration of five heads will increase the cost of one replacement by $5,000.

5. Manufacturers earn profits

There is no doubt that many manufacturers will add a certain fee to the head. After all, the manufacturer will bear the later door-to-door maintenance costs for the heads it sells. However, many small manufacturers do not purchase heads from the general agent, some are provincial agents, and some are city agents, which directly raise the price of heads to a high level.

Of course, this phenomenon will not change significantly in the next few years. When end users choose, try not to choose those uv printers with outdated heads and heads that have been speculated in a short period of time. For users, the later maintenance cost is high and the risk is high.


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