Four ways to increase the printing speed of uv dtf printers

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Improving the printing speed of uv dtf flatbed printers will directly improve printing efficiency, enabling printing companies to process more materials per unit of time, bringing a lot of benefits. So how to effectively improve the speed of the uv dtf printer, there are four methods, namely hardware upgrades, software settings, auxiliary molds, and computer hardware upgrades.

Speed Up One: Hardware Upgrades

Replace the print head with faster printing speed, such as upgrading from a civilian print head to an industrial print head, from a mid-end to a high-end industrial print head, etc. The second is to expand the number of nozzles. For example, the original four-color plus one white and five nozzles will become 10 nozzles, double four-color plus two white.

This method is very expensive and is also limited by other parts of the equipment. If the performance of other components cannot meet the needs of high-speed printing after the upgrade, it cannot be upgraded. Therefore, when choosing a uv dtf flatbed printer, you need to know in advance whether the device supports upgrades and what are the upgrade modes.

Improve speed two: software settings

Generally, it is to replace the printing mode of the uv dtf flatbed printer. Draft mode speed > production mode speed > high-precision mode speed > ultra-high-precision mode speed; after meeting the user’s pattern color requirements, choose production mode speed or sketch mode speed as much as possible, which can greatly improve production efficiency.

Increase speed three: auxiliary mold

In batch printing production, whether it is feeding, positioning, or taking materials. It would be a waste of time if you need to manually fiddle with them one by one. At this time, it is necessary to make 2 sets of special molds for the material itself. After such a set is placed and printed, the other set is placed in advance. It can realize the non-stop printing of uv dtf flatbed printers, and the time delay between loading and unloading is greatly reduced.

Improve speed four: computer hardware upgrade

Upgrade the CPU of the computer to become a solid-state drive, a discrete graphics card (2G), and a memory stick of 8G or larger. In this way, the pattern editing processing speed and the efficiency of the map link and data transmission link can be greatly improved. The invalid waiting time is reduced, and the high-configuration computer also ensures that the operating software will not easily crash or crash.


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