How about a silicone strap printer?

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As a soft material with stable chemical properties, silica gel is widely used in all aspects of our lives. People often use it to make watchbands, bracelets, toys, kitchen utensils, and other products. Today we want to introduce to you, silica gel The making and printing process of the strap.

To make a silicone strap, you first need a pattern printing device, which we call a silicone strap printer. In fact, it is not unusual to print patterns on silicone products, but traditional silkscreen and transfer printing processes have been gradually eliminated by the market, and new uv printing processes are gradually occupying the market. Using a UV flatbed printer to print silica gel, some friends may worry that the coating will corrode the silica gel product or easily fade. In fact, the problem of choosing a suitable coating is no longer a problem. Shenzhen Micolorprint has been committed to the research of color printing solutions for silicone materials and has many customer cases of printing silicone, so the process of printing silicone products with UV flatbed printers has been fully mature.

How about a silicone strap printer?

The silicone strap printer is a device that can print various exquisite patterns and text on the strap. Because of its good printing effect, simple operation of the device, and great saving labor and time costs, it is adopted by the majority of silicone manufacturers and is on the market. Have a high rating.

Which brand of silicone uv printer is better? Choose Micolorprint. It uses a special printing coating to completely solve the difficult problem of traditional silicone printing.


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