How about high drop shoe uv printer?

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As we all know, China is the most populous country and the world’s largest footwear producer and exporter. As a rigid demand product, the demand for shoes is second only to clothes and has a very broad market space. But what I want to talk about today is not how to make shoes, but introducing the equipment for printing patterns or patterns on shoes. You can call it a high-drop shoe UV printer or a shoe printer.

We know that the shoes will print trademark brands and patterns before leaving the factory. At this time, a UV printer is needed. The reason why it is called a high-drop shoe UV printer is mainly that the surface of the shoes is not flat and has a certain unevenness. In order to adapt This uneven material has been specially customized during the design so that it can be printed on materials with a depth of no more than 10mm without flying ink.

Of course, the range of applications for high-drop UV printers is more than that. In addition to printing shoes, high-drop UV printers can also print on materials with uneven surfaces such as children’s toys and building blocks that do not exceed 1 cm in depth.

Micolorprint has been focusing on the production and development of UV printers for many years. It can completely print out the output of the pattern by the computer. It can be printed at one time without complicated processes such as plate making and coloring. The high-drop shoe UV printer makes your shoes no longer the same.


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