How about printing the electrical panel with a uv printer?

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What is an electrical panel?

The electrical panel is the surface shell of some common electrical appliances in our lives, such as switches, water purifiers, induction cookers, refrigerators, and so on. The shells of these appliances are usually made of glass, metal, acrylic, and plastic materials. Various patterns and logos or warnings will be printed on them. Next, I will introduce the application of UV flatbed printers in electrical panels.


In order to adapt to the trend of individualization, and to cope with the increasingly fierce competition in the home appliance market, electrical appliance manufacturers continue to improve and innovate in the appearance of their products, so it is nothing new to print exquisite patterns on electrical panels. We know that in the past, it was necessary to print on electrical panels, using silk-screen printing. If customers want to modify them temporarily, they need to re-make the plates. First, it wastes time and increases costs, and the pollution is serious. Therefore, electrical appliance manufacturers have been seeking new solutions until the rise of the UV printing process.


Why choose uv printer?

The UV printer has many advantages over traditional silk screen printing on the electrical panel, such as printing and drying, no plate making, safety, and environmental protection. Moreover, it has outstanding advantages for personalized customization, and the white color light printing can be easily completed at one time.


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