How about the printing of personalized mobile phone cases, is there any market?

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Now countless entrepreneurs want to get rich by painting mobile phone cases, but many suffer from lack of technology and do not know how to paint mobile phone cases? Nowadays, the appearance of MC-H1 mobile phone case scanning printer and intelligent cloud operation can easily help you solve your troubles and make it easy for you to start a business and make money.

The MC-H1 smart cloud phone case color printer is a product of Shenzhen Micolorprint Technology Co., Ltd. The smart cloud phone case color printer does not need to make plates, print plates, and register colors like silk screen printing. Putting it in water to transfer printing does not require special equipment and materials like thermal transfer printing. The mobile phone case color printing machine only needs a computer, a MC-H1 intelligent cloud tablet printer, and can simply complete all the color painting work by scanning, one-click fool-like operation, and can be operated independently without training.

Equipment advantages:

  1. Simple operation, using the most advanced digital intelligent cloud printing technology;

  2. Fast printing, low cost, just scan to complete printing;

  3. High resolution 600*1200dpi, the printed pattern is waterproof, durable and UV resistant;

  4. Multi-color printing, perfect color transition, including gradient color. Amazing printing effect;

  5. Mini computer operation, no need to rely on others, great upgrade space.

Smart cloud mobile phone case scanning printer not only color prints on ordinary plastic shells, but also color prints on hard crystal, glass, stone, metal, wood and other materials, and can also color print on soft leather, fabric, and cotton. . The smart cloud mobile phone case scanning printer can print on inorganic materials or on various organic materials, which avoids the problem of selecting materials such as screen printing and thermal transfer, and avoids thermal transfer printing on leather, Destruction of fabrics, cotton, etc. At the same time, it can also be printed in different places, just need to scan the QR code to print.

What are some ways to make money?

        The role of Micolorprint smart cloud mobile phone case scanning printer is not only on the mobile phone case, to earn wealth around mobile phones, but also to enter the advertising industry, gift industry, IT products and other industries:

Brand monopoly:

Open a private custom brand store, integrate advantages, jointly operate mobile phone beauty, creative gifts, and make profits every day;

Wholesale and retail:

Self-produced and self-sold, wholesale and retail for stores, self-employed, or open retail stores for sales;


Facing hundreds of millions of consumers, special private customization to meet individual consumer needs, everyone is a potential customer;


Co-operate with photo studios, photocopying companies, wedding companies, gift shops, etc., others will take orders for you to produce, unlimited market, and agents will earn!

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