How can I make the printing effect of the UV printer better?

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2020 has passed, and a new year 2022 is ushered in. In the new year, everyone is very concerned about how to make UV printers print better. This is also a very common and common problem, and also the most controversial issue Today, the editor and everyone will answer from the following three aspects.

The main factors that affect the printing effect of the UV printer are three factors the printed image, the printed material, and the printed ink dots. The three seemingly easy-to-understand problems make many operators very distressed.
For example, in the process of printing the image, I did not change the design of the original computer image. The printed image is very dark. The original edited image is very bright, but the printed image is dark. The main reason for this situation is On the curve of the image, in general, the function of the curve is to specifically adjust the color ratio. The printed pattern needs to be restored according to a strict ratio. The image in the computer can’t be printed out by the UV flatbed printer for the shades. This has the certain experience and technical requirements for the operator. Of course, you can consult the UV printer manufacturer you purchased for the adjustment curve, and you can ask them for assistance. Adjustment.

The second printing medium also has an inevitable connection with the printing effect, that is, the often said substrate, such as the hardness, gloss, and flatness of the material, will affect the final imaging effect of the UV printer. The problem of color depth before and after output is very common. , And the material’s adsorption effect on ink, just like how quickly a brush dries, spreads, or not after writing on different papers.

Third, The control of the ink volume is also very important, and the nozzle of the equipment itself plays an important role. Like the EPSON nozzle of the UV printer provided by our company, it is not only high in accuracy but also fast and long in service life (properly maintained, a nozzle of 3-5 years is no problem). The reason why Micolorprint has a high market share is also inseparable from the use of print heads. Especially like EPSON print heads, the company cannot be an agent if there is no strength, because after the printing operation technology and experience are well controlled, it is this print head that plays an important role.


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