How can I profit from the DTG printer?

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The DTG printer industry has the most potential in the current market. When you are considering whether to enter the DTG printer industry, Micolorprint Xiaobian would like to remind everyone that this market has great prospects, but if you plan to engage in this type of industry, you have to clearly know your direction and goals, just as any good business model must have a plan.

        So if you want your investment to be rewarded as soon as possible, first of all, we have to choose a good DTG flatbed printer, because a good DTG printer can not only help you create profits but also open up a larger market for you. But which digital printing machine is the best?

1. Accuracy and speed of DTG printer

        The accuracy and speed of the DTG printer are the keys to the efficiency and effect of the printed product, and these are also related to the configuration of the machine itself.

2. The machine price of DTG printer

        Generally speaking, different companies have different models, and the prices are also different. The price is determined according to the size of the model. This requires the user to actually inspect all aspects and make a comparison to choose the most beneficial one. DTG printer.

3. The cost of printing materials

        The printing material of the DTG printer is an ink and surface treatment agent, almost USD0.8 per square.

4. Profit margin

         A good DTG printer not only saves time but also saves you money. You must know that the traditional screen printing process is complicated and slow, and is about to be replaced, while the DTG printer can complete the pattern printing in a few minutes, which can create unlimited profits for you. If you want to know more about Micolorprint DTG printers, please contact us!


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