How do we need to use the UV flatbed printer under low-temperature conditions?

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In some countries, the temperature has dropped significantly in most parts of the country, which has a lot to pay attention to for flatbed printer equipment! Here are some practical methods! We recommend that the room where the flatbed printer is used should have heating or space. It can adjust the temperature of the space well. It is ideal to maintain a constant temperature. Long-term alternating between cold and heat is more likely to damage the equipment or reduce the life span, so the UV printer (Universal printer) Having a good working environment can reduce failures and reduce maintenance costs.

First: use a hot air cylinder to blow every morning when you turn on the machine

Every customer who uses a flatbed printer in winter can use a hot air cylinder to blow it every morning when it is turned on. This is in the absence of warmth protection measures.

Second: pay attention to careful maintenance, avoid hitting the nozzle and nozzle blockage

Compared with summer, the air in winter is dry, which is the “high incidence period” of UV printers. If careless maintenance, it may cause the print head to be blocked, the print head is abnormal (usually referred to as the head bump), and the print head may even be caused by it. In the event of a crash, once such a failure occurs, it is all free during the warranty period. If it is out of the warranty period, it will cost a lot of money. Therefore, strengthening maintenance is the best way to “treat the symptoms and cure the root cause”!

Third: Cover the uv printer with a thicker cloth, and cover the paper inlet and outlet, etc.

Because the weather is relatively cold, if the indoor (working environment) is relatively cold and too dry, it is necessary to pay attention to the usual placement, it is best to cover a larger and thicker cloth on the UV printer, especially the paper feeding Cover all the nozzles and paper outlets, because the nozzle is inside the printer, if you can ensure that the cold air does not enter the space of the printer too much, it can prevent the ink droplets on the printing nozzle from solidifying, otherwise it will easily cause blockage and cause the printing effect decline.

Fourth: if not used for a long time, turn it on at least once a week

If you don’t use it for a long time, you should also pay attention to turning it on at least once a week. The flatbed printer needs to be warmed up when it is turned on and will automatically carry out the nozzle cleaning program (usually the amount of ink consumed by the power-on cleaning is very small), it can be attached to the original The ink droplets on the nozzle are discharged to avoid clogging caused by the ink droplets staying on the nozzle for a long time. In addition, a nozzle inspection can effectively check the current nozzle usage and see if there are any missing lines in the print (usually, the missing lines in the print are all signs of plugging).

Fifth: Put a few drops of precision lubricant on the guide rod, and try to remove the dirt left on the guide rod

In normal times, you can also open the top cover of the machine (must be turned off), you can see that there is a relatively smooth iron rod in the printer, which is called a guide rod in the industry, and it is the track on which the print head runs. Because there is lubricating oil on the guide rod during operation, the work can be completed quickly and accurately during printing. In winter, due to the cold weather, the lubricating oil is easy to solidify. In addition, if the machine has not been maintained during daily use, for example, the printer cover is always open to work, so that dust and other things will continue to invade the guide rods. The time is long in winter. It is very likely that there will be an abnormal phenomenon of the word car. If you want to avoid this situation, it is best to put a few drops of precision lubricating oil on the guide rod and try to remove the dirt left on the guide rod.

If you can pay attention to the daily maintenance of the printer during the long winter, it will reduce the occurrence of unnecessary troubles. I hope everyone can take good care of their machines on weekdays.


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