How do you view the market prospects of UV printers?

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As a member of UV printers and UV flatbed printers, Xiaobian is often used to open some current news, Google News, etc. If you open these websites, you will inadvertently see a lot of information about the promotion of UV printers and UV flatbed printers. The network information is so huge, does it mean that the market prospect of UV printers is very impressive? This article by Micolorprint editor is to tell you how to view the market prospects of UV printers.

The development trend of UV flatbed printer

        In 2009, with its unique advantages, UV flatbed printers found the future development direction, that is, commercialization. This is inseparable from the rapid growth of small and medium-sized enterprises and the technological innovation of UV flatbed printers. After a short period of seven years, UV flatbed printers can be said to be full of responses. They can be applied in various fields and industries at the same time. This relationship also makes the demand for UV flatbed printers rapidly increase. Judging from the comparison of UV printer sales in 2017 and 2018, a 30% trend has been achieved, which also proves that UV printers and UV flatbed printers have brought many investment and entrepreneurial friends a very good profit space.

Application advantages of UV flatbed printer

        The survey shows that in the past, the traditional printing process applied to a product took several days or even dozens of days from design, large-scale printer proofing to delivery, but the application of UV printing technology can get the finished product in 3-5 minutes, and the production batch is not limited. Realize small-batch, multi-variety, and high-efficiency production processes. The process flow is short, and the finished product is the finished product after printing. It does not need post-processing such as steaming and washing. It has strong flexibility and can be printed in a short period of time after the customer selects the plan. More importantly, the UV ink used by UV printers has no dust pollution and low energy consumption. Its advantages in environmental protection and energy saving are unmatched by traditional printing processes.

        As the market demand becomes more and more personalized, small batches, high precision, green environmental protection, and high efficiency have become fashionable needs. The Micolorprint UV flatbed printer meets this need. In terms of product segmentation, we can see that the printing market is ushering in a period of rapid growth. It can be seen that the development prospects of UV flatbed printers are infinite!


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