How does a UV printer guarantee image quality? These operations require attention!

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In the process of using UV printers, due to factors such as print head failure, media placement, height adjustment, and other factors, errors in image quality production may occur, mainly due to ink dripping of ink leakage from the print head, or the print head is too close to the material medium, causing the print head to rub the surface of the medium. Damage to image quality. Therefore, when operating the machine, you must lay the media flat. This is much better for equipment with suction devices. Of course, there is another reason that the printing material is too transparent or too thick. The printing medium needs to be reloaded to ensure a smooth surface, and the opaque printing material must be replaced at the same time. UV flatbed printers occasionally drip ink during printing. This situation is usually because the filter in the air filter on the secondary ink tank is wet, resulting in poor ventilation.

        The machine nozzle has fine hair and dust and other stains, which will cause the image quality to be unclear. When the sprayed ink accumulates in these stains to a certain extent, it will automatically drip. To solve this kind of problem, the air filter needs to be replaced, and the nozzle needs to be cleaned with a special cleaning fluid, and a detailed inspection of the two edges of the lightbox cloth is required to see if there are any extra burrs. After the UV flatbed printer transmits the print data, its indicator will keep flashing. Even if the start button is pressed, the UV flatbed printer still cannot print. This is also a common printing failure, and it is difficult for inexperienced operators to deal with it, such as after-sales service. Guaranteed UV printer manufacturers, if you don’t know how to solve this kind of problem, you can contact the manufacturer for guidance. For example, Micolorprint has a dedicated after-sales department. When there is a problem with the use of the machine, it will give priority to teaching you to solve it remotely. If the solution is resolved, an after-sales engineer will be arranged nearby to provide on-site service to let the machine run normally as soon as possible.

        It should be noted that if an incorrect termination of the printing operation is performed during the printing process, even if the printing job is stopped, there will still be some residual data transferred to the printer on the computer side, and the printing data is retained in its memory, but in the UV The computer seems that these data are invalid, and therefore the printing work cannot be realized, and it will also cause the subsequent printing work to not be carried out normally.

The above are some common problems reported by after-sales engineers after a business trip. I hope they can help you in the later process of operating the machine.


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