How does the art glass printer work?

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Advantages of art glass printer: This product printer has the subsequent advantages

1. Simple printing steps

The machine doesn’t require the steps of plate making, printing, and repeated color registration, and no tools and materials of varied types are required by screen printing and thermal transfer methods. To use our Micolorprint art glass printer, you merely have to prepare a standard computer. A machine operator can perform printing operations completely independently, saving manpower and material resources, and therefore the method is easy, which is instantly desirable, and requires low experience of the operator, as long as they understand simple image processing software.

2. Compatible with different industries, unlimited materials, and can not cause damage to materials

This machine cannot only print on tough crystal, stone, metal, glass, and other materials but also on soft leather, cloth, cotton, and other materials; it can print on inorganic materials or on complex compositions. , Printing on a range of organics. With more and better compatibility with materials, the employment of Micolorprint printers avoids the matter of choosing materials for screen printing and water transfer and also avoids the matter of injury to organic materials like leather, cloth, and cotton by thermal transfer. It caters to the diversified needs of the market and might better provide users with more comprehensive production services.

3. The printing position is accurate, avoiding the position offset problem encountered by manual printing

Micolorprint product printers do not use traditional printing modes and methods and are no longer simple manual operations and manual printing in the past. it’s connected to a high-tech computer and combined with automatic control technology, which may accurately align the prints that require to be printed. Area and placement, avoid the matter of position offset encountered in manual printing. Since it’s a one-time multi-color printing, there’ll be no problem with color registration. These advantages also can be very effectively combined with engraving, etching, and other processes, printing beautiful pictures within the engraved area, or performing precise etching after printing. It is seen that this product has made new breakthroughs within the engraving, etching, and other industries, and might play a more robust role.

4. Very suitable for printing pictures that need color transition

Traditional printing methods, like silk-screen printing, can hardly achieve the transition of all colors consistent with the image, therefore the effect of silk-screen printing will have a transparent color boundary. Between the 2 colors, it’s difficult to reflect the color transition in step with the image itself. particularly, many products require high-precision and high-complexity patterns like printing trademarks and logos, and also the gifts and handicraft industries are more widely used. Micolorprint product printers can perfectly meet this demand, fully demonstrate the strong market potential, break through the bottleneck caused by screen printing, thermal transfer printing, and other printing methods, and find new profit growth points for patrons.

5. Suitable for professional applications in additional uncommon industries

Micolorprint product printers can change the printing content at any time, change the printing effect, and may perform one-to-one digital printing without the tedious process of plate making. Many products have product codes on the metal nameplates, and every group of codes corresponds to every product; as an example, factory employees’ badges and work permits may be printed in step with one-to-one numbers, and head photos can even be added. Wait. the assembly procedure of the Micolorprint product printer is easy, and also the cost is low.

6. Suitable for printing with multiple materials

As far because the current printing and printing industry is anxious, there are relatively professional industry divisions. as example, within the leather industry, standard printing generally contains a single color of screen printing and a straightforward transition color; large leather printing machines are expensive and need high materials; thermal transfer will destroy the material; the standard printing method within the crystal industry is crystal film Process; the organic glass industry uses screen printing, and therefore the metal industry uses pad printing or thermal transfer. So once you’ve got a Yueda product printer, you’ll have a stronger competitive advantage than your peers.

Introduction to Art Glass Printer

Most glass products use printed patterns to brighten their appearance, which needs high surface printing. For the special materials of glass products, the standard printing method requires plate making and also the plate-making cost is high, which is very addicted to the personnel and their skilled experience. Especially after printing, it must be put within the stove and fired at a temperature of 520~600℃, in order that the glaze printed on the glass surface will be consolidated on the glass and therefore the colorful decorative patterns are often formed.

The difference between glass color printing machines and traditional printer

Art glass printers are a new generation of high-tech products, which are different from traditional printing technologies. Below we can compare with traditional printing methods to see how glass color printers are different from traditional printers.

Traditional printing process

1. Printed film net channel The cost of plate making is high, and the printing cost is expensive.

2. The color is more complicated and cannot be modified once the version is finalized.

3. The process is cumbersome and the production cycle is long.

4. Due to the high cost of plate making, mass production is required to reduce costs.

5. Multiple overprinting, high rejection rate, and large color deviation

6. Skilled workers with many years of rich experience are required

7. More personnel is needed, and the proportion of hand-made is large

Art glass printer

1. No plate making, fast printing, and low cost, various output software are available

2. The color can be changed directly by the computer, and the color can be changed anytime and anywhere without paying additional fees

3. One-step completion, print and take, to meet the needs of quick samples and finished products

4. Starting from the unit price, large quantities can be matched with template printing, saving time and effort

5. Full-color image, complete at one time, progressive color fully achieves the photo quality effect

6. It can be quickly mastered and produced high-quality goods without professional skills

7. Computer operation, no personnel dependence, large upgrade space

Through the above comparison, we can know the difference of traditional printing technology, so I won’t talk about it here.

The advantages of art glass printers

The printing effect of an art glass printer is not fading, is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and environmentally friendly, and printing effect is clear, beautiful, and easy to operate. It directly outputs computer data to the universal printer-one key press, direct printing, the maximum printing thickness can reach 20 cm thick. At present, many material providers in the home furnishing industry choose to use art glass printers to print on glass windows. Art glass printers have strong adaptability and can print patterns they want to print on glass panels, which meets the diverse needs of the market. The demand for home decoration has opened up new milestones for personalized decoration.

Precautions for using the printer

1. In case the printer generates heat, smoke, peculiar smell, abnormal sound, etc., please cut off the power and contact the information personnel immediately.

2. It is forbidden to put other items on the printer. When the printer is not used for a long time, please unplug the power plug from the power socket.

3. As a precaution, pull out the power plug from the socket when there is thunder nearby. If it is plugged in, the machine may be damaged.

4. When the printing paper and ribbon cassette are not set, printing is prohibited. The print head and print roller will be damaged.

5. The print head is at a high temperature. Do not touch until the temperature drops. Prevent burns and injuries.

6. Do not touch the metal parts of the print cable connector and the print head. When the print head is working, do not touch the print head.

7. It is forbidden to cut off the power when the print head is working.

8. Please don’t disassemble, move or drag at will, if there is any fault, please contact the information staff.

9. It is forbidden for foreign objects (staples, metal pieces, liquids, etc.) to enter the machine, otherwise, it will cause electric shock or machine failure.

10. The printer can be turned on only when the power supply of the printer is normal and the data cable is connected to the computer.

11. Do not move, drag or turn off the printer power while the printer is printing.

12. For printing the same duplicate files, please do not exceed 5 copies. When more than 5 copies, you should take them to the front copier for copying.

13. When the print volume is too large, the print volume should be kept within 30 copies and the printer should rest for 5-10 minutes to avoid damage to the printer due to overheating.


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