How does the UV printing industry seek development under the epidemic?

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This epidemic encompasses a huge impact on the UV printer industry. The closure of several months in 2020 has caused most commercial production to almost stagnate. Fortunately, because of the effective and timely epidemic prevention strategy adopted by the general public in China, the economy began to slowly recover in April, but in foreign countries, the tip of the epidemic is much away, which has led to a pointy come by export orders, and export-oriented companies are on the verge of survival. For the UV printer industry, it’s necessary to seek out some way out in order that it’ll not be eliminated by this bad environment. How can we seek a breakthrough?

1. First of all, UV printer manufacturers should consider reasonable concessions to customers

The epidemic has affected printing companies’ reduction in production orders and directly affected purchasing power. The originally planned purchase cycle had to be postponed. At now, as long as the UV printer companies certify concessions, they will re-mobilize customers’ desire to shop, and makers and customers can spend it together. Difficulties, win-win cooperation.

2. Secondly, the UV printer industry should tap emerging markets

The epidemic isn’t only a challenge but also a chance. the overall industry is hit harder but it’s a chance for the medical protection industry. we must always seize the chance and apply it to those industries.

This epidemic will shuffle the whole industry, survival of the fittest, and weak manufacturers are going to be eliminated, UV printer manufacturers are going to be more concentrated in a very few, this is often also an inevitable trend in the event of a specific industry, so manufacturers should be upgraded during this special period Innovative technology has developed more efficient and stable machines. The Micolorprint R&D team is additionally constantly testing, developing, and improving new models to accompany everyone to win the battle of the epidemic.


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