How do UV flatbed printers control costs and increase production?

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With the rapid development of technology and the individualization and rapidness of the market, UV flatbed printers need to be used in production by more and more manufacturers. Manufacturers purchase and use flatbed printers to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and quickly make profits. Advertisers care about how to make profits.

Before discussing the cost of UV flatbed printers, we must first know what hidden cost issues exist in printing companies during production? In terms of printing cost, UV flatbed printer mainly refers to ink cost per square meter, which is related to many factors:

1. DPI, that is resolution. 

To put it simply, for each square of the number of dots you ink, the more dots you spray, the fuller the picture, and the greater the amount of ink you consume. The difference in the number of dots can be as much as half of the difference.

2. Can white ink be sprayed? 

At present, there is a need to spray white paint on glass in the market. The price of white UV ink is generally higher than that of color UV ink. If the same DPI is sprayed, you can spray more With a layer of white ink, the cost of this will be higher.

3. Different effects, different costs.

If you want to print full-scale color patterns, the cost of printing ink is about USD0.7-USD1.1, and the embossing effect will be more expensive. If you do the background wall, it is not recommended to print reliefs, you can buy a sandblasting machine to carve and print the pattern.


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