How does UV flatbed printer print the embossed effect of mobile phone case?

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With the continuous development of electronic technology, the price of mobile phones is getting lower and lower, and it has been popularized, reaching one or more people, which has led to the continuous development of the demand for mobile phone cases. Especially the embossed mobile phone cases are the favorite of many individual players. Preferred.

How did the embossed phone case come from? Is the production process very cumbersome? The Micolorprint printer will briefly talk to you today.

        We know that a good handicraft must go through a lot of complicated processes, such as coloring, carving, sandblasting, glazing, etc., to make it perfectly. The same is true for the traditional method of embossed mobile phone cases. The relief effect has sharp edges and corners, with a strong three-dimensional effect and artistic effect. If the mobile phone case only needs a simple embossing effect, there is no need for so much trouble, just a UV printer can be solved.

So how does the flat-panel printer achieve the embossing effect of the mobile phone shell?

        The relief effect of the mobile phone shell is mainly from the accumulation of white ink. The main component of the white ink is phthalowhite powder. The particles are relatively large, so it is easy to accumulate the relief effect. When the flatbed printer prints the embossed phone case, the white ink is printed first. When the white ink is accumulated to a certain thickness, the embossed effect appears and then a layer of color ink is printed to complete the entire embossing printing process.

       The steps of printing the embossed effect of the mobile phone shell with the flatbed printer are simple and convenient, and it is easy to realize. In addition, the proficiency and technical level of the operator are very important to obtain a good printing effect. The UV printer printing embossed mobile phone case has a lot less processes than the traditional production process, which greatly saves the production cost.


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