How is the commonly used flatbed printer EPSON DX5 classified?

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All piezoelectric printhead machines are a technical extension of EPSON printheads. EPSON’s piezoelectric heads are the most used by various brands. The printheads used by MUTON and MIMAKI are all EPSON fifth-generation heads.

In China, due to various reasons such as the modification of uv flatbed printers, domestic piezoelectric printhead machines, and the printhead manufacturer EPSON, the printheads are becoming more and more nervous. At this stage, there is no sign of replacing the EPSON printheads, so the printheads are as always. Bullish, from around *** to around ***, there is even one price a day. The tension of the sprinkler has caused many unspoken rules in the industry. You feel good to take the money away. The goods and terminals of the sprinkler peers are not guaranteed, refundable, or exchangeable.

Everyone has a deep understanding of the tension of the head. I mainly talk about several common models of EPSON fifth-generation heads that I know:

F160010 Gray surface EPSON4800, 7450, MUTOH900C, 1604

F158010 Gray surface EPSON2400

F187000 Gold surface EPSON4880, 7880, 9880

F186000 Gold surface EPSON1900, (plastic parts are corrosion resistant)

F138030 Gray surface EPSON7600, 9600

The matching printer model is the so-called original print head. The original print head will be used for a relatively long time on the original model, but it is not absolute. F158010 can be used on models that can be used by F160010, and F187000 can be used on models that can be used by F160010. On the model, F186000 is also called an oily head because of the corrosion resistance of plastic parts. It is used when oily ink is used in JV33, domestic machines, EPSON, etc.

The F160010 model is of the best quality. Pay attention to the code on the print head. The F160010 and the gold surface are basically five lines, and the rest are two and a half lines. These are the commonly used models of fifth-generation heads. You know these, and you will know when the head is broken and needs to be replaced.


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