How is UV printer maintained in spring, summer, autumn, and winter?

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In addition to the quality of the product itself, the life cycle of UV printers is also very important for daily maintenance. Improper maintenance has a great impact on the service life of the machine. The maintenance methods are different in each season due to different climates. The following Micolorprint is small. Let me introduce you to specific maintenance methods.

1. Spring maintenance method of UV printer

        The weather in China is relatively humid due to rain in spring. Pay attention to the moisture-proof work of UV printers. The environment is too humid. The ink adhesion is poor and it is not easy to dry, which will affect the printing effect and production schedule. It will also affect the circuit equipment and may cause short circuits The parts of the machine are burned, so the spring maintenance needs to pay attention to the following points: the machine should be placed in a flat and dry area, try not to be close to windows or water sources that can get rain, so that dry and wet separation, close doors and windows in the rainy season Dry, if you have air conditioning equipment, you can turn on the dehumidification mode to reduce the indoor humidity.

2. Maintenance method of UV printer in summer

      The weather in the main areas of the country is hot in summer. Pay attention to the heatstroke prevention of the machine. Too high room temperature may cause flying ink or scratching. It will also affect the operation of electrical equipment, thereby affecting the stability of the machine. The maintenance method in summer is to place the machine in a cool place. In the backlit area, avoid direct sunlight, and be equipped with exhaust or cooling equipment to reduce the indoor temperature. The ink dries quickly. You need to pay attention to cleaning the nozzle and the maintenance of the ink path system. Keep the nozzle not clogging the ink path system and keep ink. You also need to pay attention to the ink. Store.

3. Maintenance method of UV printer in autumn and winter

     The weather is dry and cold in autumn and winter, and the temperature in the south is relatively high. Special attention is needed mainly in the north. Dry weather is prone to static electricity. It is necessary to keep the machine table clean and remove dust and debris. Cold weather will cause the head and ink system to block. If it freezes, check whether the equipment of the machine is normal or not.

     In short, the maintenance of UV printers is very important. The maintenance of the machine has a high production capacity and a low failure rate. Indirectly, it also saves a lot of maintenance costs. The use of the machine saves worry and effort to make the business prosper.


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