How much is a 6090 uv printer?

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With the continuous changes in market demand in the printing field, more and more companies and individuals have begun to use UV flatbed printers to replace traditional silk screen printing and thermal transfer processes. In order to better adapt to the times and occupy the market, manufacturers have launched various models of UV printers to meet the needs of users, among which the common ones are the A4, A3, 6090, and 6090 UV printers protagonist of this article.

The launch of the 6090uv printer is mainly to meet the needs of small batch production and processing customers. It uses EPSON print heads with high-cost performance, breaking the traditional Ricoh print heads that are only used for large-scale industrial appliances. Once launched, it has quickly been recognized by the market, and sales even Once surpassed the mainstream model A3, 

What are the advantages of the 6090 UV printer?

1. Suitable format

600*900mm is the largest printing format of the 6090 UV printer, which can meet the printing of many small-size materials. It is very suitable for individual entrepreneurs or small companies. It occupies a small space and is very convenient to move.

2. Excellent results

Although the 6090 UV printer has a small print format, it does not affect its printing effect at all and can meet most printing needs.

3. High-cost performance

Compared with large UV flatbed printers with prices starting from 100,000 to 100,000 U.S. dollars, the price of 6090 UV printers is really a cabbage price, only tens of thousands of dollars, which is very suitable for low budget or initial investment.

Based on the above advantages, it is not difficult to understand the reasons for the popularity of 6090 UV printers. The question about how much 6090 UV printers cost is introduced here.


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