How much is a sign uv printer?

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Identification signs are widely used in daily life, and they are made of many materials. The most common ones are acrylic, galvanized sheet, aluminum plywood, PVC, plastic, plexiglass, and so on. To ask what printer is the most suitable for printing these materials, then it is the UV flatbed printer. The UV flatbed printer can be used to print advertising signs with varnish and embossed effects on these materials.


The signage UV printer has many other advantages

1. Good printing effect, high quality, fast efficiency, and high precision.

2. White ink printing.

3. Safe and reliable printing protection.

4. Low printing cost and simple operation. 

How much is the price of a sign UV printer?

Take the MC-6090 size logo label UV printer as an example, the printing format is 600mm*900mm, with 3 Epson fifth-generation nozzles, and the price is USD6180-USD6880.

Before purchasing a sign UV printer, we suggest inspecting several manufacturers, it is best to make on-site proofing, and at the same time comprehensively consider the requirements of printing speed, printing accuracy, printing cost, and other aspects of their own materials.


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