How much is a wine box printer?

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What is a wine box printer?

Wine culture has a history of several thousand years in our country. It can be traced back to ancient times. It still affects all aspects of our lives. Wine has always been an indispensable “exquisite” on people’s dinner tables, and exquisite packaging can often provide wine Add a lot of colors.

After a brief understanding of wine culture, we will directly enter our topic today-wine box printer. The wine box printer, as its name implies, is a printing device that can print various patterns on the surface of the wine box. Although there are many types of equipment that can print wine boxes, such as traditional silk screen printing and thermal transfer, due to the complicated process, troublesome operation, and high cost, it has been gradually eliminated by the market and replaced by a new type of UV flatbed printer. The UV flatbed printer adopts the principle of UV ink and ultraviolet rays to react and cure, and the ink is cured on the material, which is not only bright in color, but also wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. It is the most popular printing process at the moment.


Such a UV flatbed printer can not only print wine boxes, tea boxes, and various personalized gift boxes, but also print glass, ceramic tiles, stone, wood, metal, etc., which can be called a universal printer. 

How much is such a wine box printer? 

According to the latest price trends on the market, the price of wine box printers (ie wine box UV printers) is around USD6180. The specific price depends on the printer model, configuration, and the number of nozzles.

Wine box printers are born for customized gift boxes and packaging boxes. 

Is such a printing device what you need?

Recommended model of wine box printer: 6090 UV flatbed printer


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