How much is an advertising uv printer?

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The advertising printing industry has always endured in my country. The latest data in 2020 show that the advertising printing industry is growing rapidly at a rate of 30% every year. Experts predict that the advertising printing industry will usher in a broader space for development in the future.

advertising uv printing

We know that the main business of the advertising printing industry includes: the printing of billboards, advertising printing cloth, outdoor printing, signs, advertising light boxes, acrylic signs, medals, badges, and other materials, and these materials can be realized with advertising UV printers. 

How much is an advertising UV printer?

At present, there are many brands of advertising UV printers in the market, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on your needs and what effect you need to achieve (color level, printing speed, accuracy). Take Micolorprint’s 6090uv printer as an example (as shown in the figure below). It is equipped with 3 nozzles, six-color, white, and varnish mode for printing. The print format is 600*900, and the price is around USD5880-USD6380. It can be said that the price/performance ratio is very high.


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