How much is an MC-H2C printer?

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To ask which model of the UV printer sells best, it is the MC-H2C printer. MC-H2C is definitely one of the most mainstream models in uv printers, because its print format is 330mm×600mm meters, and most of the materials on the market are less than 330mm×600mm meters, which is just enough. It can be said that the MC-H2C printer is very suitable for personal entrepreneurship and mass production use.


The MC-H2C printer has many advantages. 

Take this MC-H2C produced by Micolorprint as an example.

  1. There are many materials that can be printed, such as glass, tiles, wood, metal, PVC, acrylic, etc.;
  2. The configuration is very flexible, you can configure EPSON XP600 heads, Epson heads and other heads, etc.;
  3. The EPSON XP600 print head, with high requirements, is suitable for small batch production customers;
  4. EPSON dx5 head configuration, suitable for mass production enterprise users;
  5. Epson heads are suitable for economical customers or small batch production.

How much is an MC-H2C printer? 

The price mainly depends on the machine head configuration and brand service. Generally speaking, the market price of XP600 head is generally USD3880-USD4380. Of course, the prices of different manufacturers are also different, but the difference will not be too far.


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