How to adjust the ink thickness of a UV flatbed printer?

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In the production of flatbed printers, the thickness of the ink should be adjusted according to the type of printing material and the requirements of the background color, the color of the pattern, and the special requirements of the customer, in order to achieve the ideal printing effect. When adjusting the ink thickness, it cannot be adjusted arbitrarily, and there must be a method and basis. Here is a brief introduction to how to adjust ink thickness for Micolorprint printers.

The first method is to set the percentage of the inkjet volume or the number of printing passes.

        We can set the percentage of the inkjet volume or the number of printing passes in the printing software of the flatbed printer to change the thickness of the ink. This can not only improve the quality of printing but also save ink and reduce costs.

The second method is to change the feathering percentage in the printer’s print settings.

        Feathering percentage is an auxiliary function in print settings, and the value is usually between 0%-200%. You can turn on the system feather percentage and set a larger value to achieve the ideal printing effect. The larger the value of the feathering percentage, the more delicate the printed pattern, the richer the color, and the better the printing effect. Of course, while improving the printing effect, the printing speed will be reduced accordingly. The specific operation should be decided according to the actual needs of the user.

        When setting the ink thickness of the flatbed printer, the thicker the ink is better, too much is too bad. If the thickness is set unreasonably, it will also affect the printing effect. Therefore, we must pay attention to the fact that when setting the ink thickness of the UV printer, it is necessary to set the amount of ink according to the actual requirements of the user and strive for a win-win situation of achieving the ideal printing effect and reducing the production cost.


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