How to apply uv flatbed printer to yoga mat printing?

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The process of using UV-printed patterns on yoga mats is becoming more and more widely used. It is mainly affected by three factors: process technology, cost and profit, and user demand.

Process technology:

Firstly, the adhesion of the pattern is solved, the stretchability is good, and the yoga mat will not fall off or fade due to repeated stretching; secondly, the process is simple, it can be printed directly after being put on, without other links; finally, it is waterproof and friction-resistant The sex has passed the test, and there is no need to worry about fading within 2-3 years.

Cost profit:

The cost of a printed pattern in white color per square meter of full format is between USD0.8-1. Taking into account labor, water and electricity, equipment depreciation, wages, and other expenses, the overall cost is around USD1.7. If you only print part of the area, the price will be lower, and the market charge is generally USD18-25.

User needs:

In recent years, there has been rapid growth. In addition to gyms, many end users also choose to use them at home. They can exercise, make crawling mats for children, etc. The most important thing is also the realization of personalized pattern customization, including cartoons, celebrities, plants, and animals.

Picture of the finished product of yoga mat UV printing:

yoga mats
yoga mats
yoga mats
yoga mats
yoga mats
yoga mats

Yoga mat materials suitable for UV printing:

1. TPE foaming, PVC foaming;

2. EVA, latex mats, CBR mats.

Material properties:

1. The surface particles are uniform, the bubbles are full, and the hand feels soft;

2. It is non-toxic, odorless, non-slip, has strong rebound ability, and has strong tear resistance;

3. Effectively blocks the cold air on the ground, has a strong grip, and has outstanding resilience, flatness, and anti-slip properties.

During the mass production process, it is necessary to note that the surface of the yoga mat does not increase flatly, but still has a height difference of about 1mm. Usually, the UV flatbed printer nozzle will raise the height by 2mm-3mm, which requires the spraying force of the nozzle to be strong enough. Otherwise, ink flying will occur. It is recommended to choose industrial-type nozzles, such as Seiko gs508, gs1024, G5i, I1600, I3200, etc.


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