How to avoid flatbed printer ink splashing on the skin and how to clean it?

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When using a flatbed printer, we need to add ink to the ink cartridge when the ink is low. However, it is inevitable that there will be some small troubles during operation. For example, if we accidentally splash the ink on the skin when we pour the ink, we may even get the eyes and other fragile organs of the body. Or maybe the ink was taken by the children and swallowed by the children by mistake, resulting in a tragedy.

How to use and place the ink correctly, and how to clean the ink splashed on the skin?

  The correct cleaning method of inkjet flatbed printer ink, how to use and place the ink correctly: 

1. Store the ink out of the reach of children to prevent children from accidentally eating it.

2. Keep the ink in a cool dark place to prevent the ink from deteriorating.

3. In order to achieve better results and prevent clogging of the nozzle, please use up the ink within 3 months after opening the bottle.

How to clean the ink of the flatbed printer on the skin?

1. Thoroughly wash with soap and water first, then pour some disinfectant to wash, and then clean it again with laundry detergent. After repeated hand washing, it will gradually subside.

2. Scrub with soap for 2 minutes, then pour in the detergent and 10% alcohol, and finally rub it with water several times to eliminate it.

3. Use boiled rice soup and wash with hand sanitizer, and finally repeat 2 to 3 times, you can say goodbye to ink stains.


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