How to calculate the cost performance of the printer?

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When buying a product, it will be comprehensively calculated from its performance, use, advantages, comparison with similar products, etc. whether it has advantages and is cost-effective. Similarly, when choosing a printer device, it is also necessary to calculate its cost performance.

Cost-effectiveness 1: look at the performance

It mainly depends on whether the printer’s printing speed, printing accuracy, stability, etc. can meet the needs of its own material printing. If it can meet or exceed the production demand, it will be given priority, and if not, it will be given up.

Cost-effectiveness 2: look at the price

Two, three, or even multiple types of uv printers can meet the needs of production capacity, compare their prices, which one is the most affordable and the most favorable, and which one to choose. When comparing prices, take into account the operating costs of your printer, such as supplies, electricity, maintenance, and more. Some cheap printers can become more expensive over time.

Cost-effectiveness 3: value-added services

This includes the library, the number of consumables, the number of coatings, the supporting process plan, etc., which not only reflects the technical level of the manufacturer’s actual application on the one hand but also helps users quickly put into production and save time.

Cost-effectiveness 4: look at after-sales service

This is the top priority. Any printer will have more or less, large or small problems in the later use process. It is inevitable that the manufacturer will provide remote video, on-site door-to-door, and other services. Then, the scope of services, charging standards, scope of warranty, etc. must be comprehensive and detailed when signing the contract, and their respective responsibilities must be well divided.

Cost-effectiveness 5: word-of-mouth publicity

Through various information channels on the Internet, we can collect and learn about the reputation of a brand/manufacturer. Although there will be water in the middle, it can still be seen through a large-scale comparison. If word of mouth is too bad, don’t consider it.

Another important factor is the reliability and longevity of the printer. If a printer breaks down frequently or only needs to be replaced for a short period of time, the overall value of the printer will be greatly reduced in the long run.

Finally, choose the right model according to your actual needs. Different models of printers have different features and advantages. Choosing a printer that suits your business needs can improve work efficiency and output, thereby improving cost performance.


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