How to calculate the printing cost of uv flatbed printer?

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With the rapid development of technology and the market’s individualized, fast and efficient demand, UV printers have been used in production by more and more manufacturers. Manufacturers buy and use flatbed printers to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and quickly make profits, and what they care about most is how to make profits. We know that the higher the cost, the lower the profit, so we must calculate the cost before putting it into production to see if it is profitable, and then put it into production. 

How is the printing cost of the flatbed printer calculated? Micolorprint printer is here to talk to you briefly.

The printing cost of a flat UV printer is mainly the use of consumables and energy consumption, which can also be said to be the cost of consumables and energy consumption per square meter, and the largest consumption of consumables is mainly ink

It is necessary to calculate the use of ink per square meter. How many? How to calculate the ink cost used by flatbed printers?

At present, the price of printer ink on the market is ranging from 450RMB to 750RMB per liter. When we calculate, we take the average 600RMB to calculate. One liter of ink can print 100-150 square meters. Because the printing accuracy is different, the same ink can print on the same area. It’s not the same, so take the lowest 100 squares to calculate, the result is that the price of printing one square of ink is 6RMB, how much is the finished product? Here we take an Apple 4S mobile phone case as an example. Its size is about 60*110mm, and about 150 pieces can be placed in a square. The unit price of a printed mobile phone case is around RMB 0.04.

Then there is the calculation of the energy consumption of the printer. At present, the power of flat-panel printers is mostly around 75W-300W. The printer has dual-nozzle flat printing and does not print embossed effects. The printing accuracy is 1440*720dpi/8Pass, which is about 3 degrees per hour. The labor is calculated at 20 yuan per hour. , Plus water and other costs, the cost of printing a mobile phone case is about 0.1RMB or less. If the embossing effect is printed, the amount of ink used by the printer for the embossing must be multiplied by several times.

How to calculate the printing cost of a UV flatbed printer? 

Flatbed printers use different nozzles, and the amount of ink used is different. Seiko nozzles have thicker nozzles and rough printing, and relatively more ink. Epson nozzles have finer nozzles, and the printed things are delicate and ink-saving. , So the equipment used is different, and the production cost is also different. If there are other processing methods, the cost will be different. So if you want to calculate the printing cost, you only need to use the cost of consumables plus the cost of energy consumption, and you will know how much profit you can get in the end.


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