How to check whether the UV printer is qualified?

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Flatbed printers are more and more widely used, more and more customers are buying, and more manufacturers naturally have. Some manufacturers do not have the ability of independent research and development, and can only modify other people’s machines, causing various problems after customers buy them back. Therefore, before purchasing, you must have a detailed understanding of the tablet machine and master the method to detect whether the UV printer is qualified. Prevent being deceived.

   After years of research and development, and summarizing customer feedback, Micolorprint Technology has summarized the following methods for testing whether flatbed printers are qualified, for your reference only.
  1. Use a flatbed printer to repeatedly print patterns with very thin lines on the material. If there is no deviation after printing 5 to 8 times, it is a qualified printer.
  2. According to the size of the printing platform of the flatbed printer, print a box with the size of 1/2 or 2/3 of the printing platform, and then measure the diagonal of this box. If the diagonal of the box does not overlap, it means The UV flatbed printer has good stability, is qualified, and has the conditions for mass printing.
  3. Check whether the actual printing area of ​​the flatbed printer can completely cover the printing area of ​​the entire printing platform. If it can, it means that the flatbed printer is fully qualified. If there is a deviation, it indicates that there is a problem with the stability of the machine, and the greater the deviation, the worse the performance. Micolorprint has a large technical team with sophisticated technology and rich experience, and the product quality and service are guaranteed. Micolorprint printers have been dedicated, researched, and professionally designed and developed by Micolorprint people for ten years. After tens of thousands of customers' use and feedback, facts have proved that the quality and service of Micolorprint printers are worthy of your trust! The worry-free one-stop service system allows you to buy and use with peace of mind!

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