How to choose a sign printer?

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What is a sign?

The logo, as the name suggests, is the mark of the marking guide. Signs generally consist of text and graphics and are used for advertising, instructions, and warnings. The signs we often see are warning signs, bronze signs, electroforming signs, company signs, and so on.

There are two main functions of signage.

First, it has the function of marking and warning. It conveys information primarily through visuals, primarily words, symbols, and shapes. Words and symbols have symbolic, directional, and suggestive functions. Sex can express the meaning, con, text, and character of information, and form and mark can express the meaning of symbols and structures.

The second is the sign of information dissemination media, which mainly has the function of advertising and warning.

What are the materials used to make the sign?

There are many kinds of materials for making signs, the most common are non-metallic materials, metal materials, ceramic materials, and so on. Non-metallic materials include acrylic, two-color plate, PVC, plexiglass, wood, and other signs; metal materials include stainless steel, iron, zinc alloy, brass, aluminum, and other signs; ceramic materials include pure ceramics, metal-ceramic composite glass, etc.

What are the advantages of UV printers and traditional sign printing production?

The traditional sign printing production generally adopts the silkscreen production process, which is complicated and costly, and the sign label printing machine produced and sold by Meicai can save you this trouble! Compared with the traditional sign screen printing process, the UV printer has simple process procedures, low material and labor costs, and a non-diffusion of ink, which ensures the accuracy and clarity of text and patterns. It can print beautiful multi-color patterns and text as well as many other optimizations. It is the first choice for sign printing production.

1. The Micolorprint printer can print in one piece and can be produced in small batches, taking into account the individual needs of customers for sign patterns.

2. No plate making, no intermediate consumables, just direct printing on the sign material, the process is simple and the cost is low, but some materials can be spray-printed.

3. It can be printed on any material, with strong compatibility, to meet customers’ diverse choices of signage materials.

4. Exquisite, multi-color, perfect color transition, outstanding printing effect, can meet the high-quality logo requirements of star-rated hotels, clubs, and other high-end places.

5. The printing pattern is waterproof, sun-proof, wear-resistant, and non-fading.

Micolorprint printers are ideal for outdoor signage printing.


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