How to choose a UV flatbed printer manufacturer?

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With the wide application of UV flatbed printers in the printing industry, a good market environment has spawned a large number of printer manufacturers. Various manufacturers, large and small, have tried their best, and new products are emerging in an endless stream. It’s dazzling.

The high cost of large-scale machinery and equipment, and high precision make maintenance difficult, so it is particularly important to choose a manufacturer with high product quality. The purchase of a Micolorprint UV flatbed printer requires comprehensive considerations, not just the price, after all, every line is paid for.

1. Determine the needs

       First, determine our needs, and choose the appropriate model according to the industry we apply to. Micolorprint has a rich product line and can provide a series of products such as UV flatbed printers, UV DTF printers, offset heat presses, food printers, textile printers, etc., To meet the needs of high-strength and high-precision customers.

2. Manufacturer strength

       Shenzhen Micolorprint Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D, production, and sales of digital printing equipment such as UV flatbed printers. The quality is trustworthy. On the basis of fully introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, it has successfully developed universal printers and UV flatbed printers. , Textile printing machines, UV DTF printers, food printers, and other products, and have been widely used in decoration, glass, advertising, signs, wine boxes, films, leather, luggage, paper, clothing, food and many other fields, all-round for customers Provide integrated solutions for digital printing.

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3. The quality of key core components

      After the machine is purchased, the high stability and low maintenance rate will greatly reduce our operating costs. The key equipment of UV printers is the nozzle. Common nozzles on the market include Epson nozzles, Seiko nozzles, Konica nozzles, and Ricoh nozzles. These brands have their own advantages and disadvantages. We should choose a suitable nozzle according to the application industry. For details, please consult the Micolorprint marketing staff.

4. Pre-sale and after-sales service of the manufacturer

       This is also an important indicator that reflects the comprehensive strength of a manufacturer. The after-sales of large machines are very important, and the loss caused by machine outages will be very large. Therefore, the ability to deal with problems in a timely.


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