How to choose a UV flatbed printer rationally?

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Many people prefer to watch advertisements when choosing UV flatbed printers. In this case, maybe the final result will pay off. Therefore, we must maintain an objective, rational and logical thinking, just like our accounting, careful cost calculation conclusions of gains and losses. Therefore, the following three mental states should generally be maintained.

1. The defects of UV flatbed printers are usually more critical than the advantages

If it can’t bear the defects of a UV flatbed printer, even if it has a hundred advantages, it will not work for customers. But this defect is indeed different from person to person. For example, its maintenance is too inconvenient, its pattern design requires professional artists, and it is affected by temperature and environmental humidity. This kind of defect depends on whether the customer can accept it.

Secondly, the UV flatbed printer that suits you is the most important one. This also depends on three aspects:

1) In terms of cost:

It mainly refers to whether it can improve the customer’s previous processing technology, such as saving labor services, material packaging, and printing costs, or refer to the sales market price of its finished products, and the profitable indoor space to calculate the cost.

2) In terms of price:

It refers to the UV flatbed printer within the scope of its own cost budget.

3) Maintenance:

The key refers to the maintenance costs of consumables and parts in the middle and later stages. Under normal circumstances, the maintenance costs of the more expensive UV flatbed printers in the middle and later stages are doubled compared to the general equipment (which can be calculated by referring to the total price of the machine and equipment).

2. UV flatbed printer does not mean making money, it is only a small element among them

We should not think that this type of machine setup is a unique weapon because if it were, the practitioners would have done it themselves. So earning money seems to be a very simple result, but the whole process is very complicated. It involves the stages of enterprise operation and management, cost expenditures, staff locations, and upstream, midstream, and downstream distributors.

3. UV flatbed printer is only a short version of digital printer equipment

We don’t have to face off, seeing that it can copy hundreds of materials and can make various 3D and 4D embossed patterns. These advantages. But in fact, 95% are fine with the individual. Customers are limited by their own sales market, products, staff, assets, etc., and basically only do packaging and printing of a few types of materials.

The above three points should be considered by each of our friends who choose UV flatbed printers. The technical strengths of UV flatbed printer manufacturers of different grades are very different, and even manufacturers of the same grade, because of separate management The concept is different, and the quality of machinery and equipment varies greatly. Therefore, there is no need to blindly follow the trend of making decisions, but to watch more on-site and compare more.


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