How to choose the task of a high-speed cylindrical bottle printer?

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Open file operation steps

Step ①. Click the task selection icon (or right-click on the blank space of the task bar and select “Add Task”), and the “Please select an image file” dialog box will pop up, as shown in the figure:

Step ②. Select the file you want to print (prn format) and click “Open”, then the software will pop up the “Task Properties” dialog box, as shown in the figure:

Step ③. Select the mode corresponding to the white color mode and click the “Save” button, and you will see the added file in the print list.

Description of task attributes

In the task properties, you can view the file information (file name, print resolution, file size, number of colors, number of ink dots, etc.) on the left. On the right side, you can set the area printing range and print mode settings, and you can also check the ink consumption of the file.

Regional print settings

When the Area Printing checkbox is checked, Area Printing is enabled. When the Y-start and X-start are 0, start from the upper left corner of the image. Y width, corresponds to the width of the cylinder in the direction of rotation. X length, corresponding to the length of the head in the stepping direction. When cropping with area print, crop from the beginning of the image.

Print mode setting

White color mode

According to different printing requirements, the white color mode options include color white varnish, color white, single color, single white, single varnish, and color varnish. The following will explain the control of the lamp in different printing modes (only The three-head arrangement of the air-cooled varnish lamp is effective):

1. Color white varnish (or color varnish) mode printing: When inkjet starts, the color white light (main light) turns on, and when the varnish light reaches the white edge position, the light oil light turns on.

2. Printing in single varnish mode: When the varnish lamp reaches the white edge position during printing, the varnish lamp starts to illuminate.

3. Printing in color and white (single color or single white) mode: when inkjet starts, only the color and white light (main light) is turned on, and the varnish light is turned off.

White ink volume and light ink volume

Normal printing is 1 time, mainly for users who require high thickness or high white ink bumpiness, the more the setting times are, the longer the printing time is, and the thicker the thickness will be.

Ink Statistics

Click the ink volume statistics button to view the percentage of each pigment in the current task, as shown in the figure below:


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