How to clean the raster strip of the UV printer?

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UV printer is a high-precision and high-load printing machine. In order to meet production requirements, it is often overloaded. Therefore, normal maintenance is very important. The quality of maintenance affects the service life of the machine. Correct maintenance methods can reduce There are a lot of maintenance costs. The editor of Micolorprint introduced the maintenance of the print head to you before, and now I will introduce you to the cleaning of the grating strips.

        In the use of UV printers, people often only pay attention to the nozzle and head position, and the maintenance of the ink, but ignore it a little. In fact, the grating strips also need maintenance. The grating ruler (grating strip) mainly plays a role in positioning, and the scale is accurate to be accurate. Print out the desired pattern, it is easy to accumulate dust and stains during the movement of the trolley or in an unsatisfactory working environment, so it is necessary to clean it regularly.

      The cleaning of grating strips needs to pay attention to the following points:

One: Do not use any liquid to clean when cleaning.

After the grating strip is opened, blow away the large particles of dust, and then wipe it with a dust-free cloth or cotton swab. If it is not clean, wipe it off with alcohol in the same direction.

Two: In the process of daily operation, it is better to work in an independent, clean, low-profile, low-light, well-ventilated working environment.

The ambient temperature of the UV flatbed printer grating strips is better to be maintained at 18 ℃~30 ℃, and the relative humidity is better to be maintained at 30%~70% (non-condensing). It is recommended to use overhead exhaust fans for the ventilation equipment, with an exhaust volume of 600cfm.

Three: Be careful not to scratch or get wet during the operation.

When cleaning the grating strips, do not scratch or get wet to avoid ghost images during the next printing.

        Pay more attention when using the machine. When you find that there are dust and stains on the grating strips, you should clean them up in time to keep the machine in a clean working environment and all parts are properly maintained. Only by prolonging the service life of the machine and maintaining the normal operation of the machine.


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