How to correctly extract waste ink from UV flatbed printer?

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Many novice customers who have just purchased a flat-panel UV printer may have questions like this when using it. The most common one is the replacement of the consumables after they are exhausted. Ink is the most frequently replaced consumable for flatbed printers. When the ink runs out or needs to be replaced, there will often be some waste ink that needs to be extracted, but some novices do not know how to extract it. Here, Micolorprint will tell you the correct method of extracting waste ink.

    First, return the flatbed printer ink cart to the initial position, then pull out the waste ink tube from the waste ink bottle, insert a 50ML injection syringe into the waste ink tube port, and pull the syringe backwards until the waste ink tube is removed. After the ink is drawn, insert the waste ink tube back into the waste ink bottle after drawing. What needs to be noted here is the return force when drawing the waste ink. You can only release your hand when there is no return force. You cannot pull out the syringe immediately after drawing.

When extracting waste ink, you must pay attention to the following three conditions:

A. If you find that there is air leakage when pumping the waste ink and you cannot pump the waste ink, you must be careful. This indicates that there is a problem with the sealing of the flatbed printer cleaning system, which requires replacing the nozzle protector to solve it.

B. If the ink sac is found to be leaking when the waste ink is drawn, it means that the ink sac of the UV flatbed printer is damaged and can no longer be used normally, and a new ink sac must be replaced.

C. The flatbed printer must be cleaned every time the waste ink is drawn, so as to avoid causing the “siphon” phenomenon, causing unnecessary loss of ink in the ink cartridge and polluting the entire ink supply system.

   When extracting waste ink from the UV printer, the customer must follow the correct operation steps to avoid the second damage to the flatbed printer. After buying a flatbed printer, novices must follow the instructions in the user manual or the operation steps described during technical professional training to avoid malfunctions and damage the flatbed UV printer. When the printer fails, you must find the manufacturer’s technicians to guide the operation if you cannot solve it by yourself. Never dismantle the flatbed printer yourself.

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