How to deal with the poor adhesion of UV printers?

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Because UV printers can print many materials, they are widely used in various fields. Although the UV printer is not easy to break, if you don’t pay attention to maintenance for a long time, there will still be various minor problems, and the lack of adhesion is one of the most common problems. Why does the machine lack adhesion? How to deal with this situation? Don’t worry, Micolorprint solves this problem perfectly for you:

1. Environment

The deterioration of UV printer adhesion has a lot to do with the environment. If the surrounding humidity is too high, the surface of the material will be damp, the ink will not dry easily after printing, and the natural adhesion will be poor. Also, if the surrounding temperature is too low, the printed pattern will be easy to crack and peel off. Therefore, to ensure a good working environment for the printer, air conditioners must be installed in the workshops where conditions permit, and the environment must be protected from humidity.

2. Ink

We know that UV printers need to use different inks when printing different materials, and the quality of inks on the market is uneven now, it is difficult to guarantee their quality, and it is easy to block the nozzles. So when buying ink, try to choose the original manufacturer to buy it, and if it’s not good, you must buy it through formal channels.

3. Ultraviolet light

The problem of UV lamps is often the most overlooked detail. When the power of the LED lamps is too low during the operation, the UV ink will not be completely cured on the surface of the material, and the pattern adhesion will of course deteriorate. This problem can be solved by replacing UV lamps with a higher power.

4. Printing coating

If it is printed on some materials with a smooth surface and poor adhesion, it needs to be painted on the surface of the material, and different materials should be coated with the corresponding paint.

In fact, the poor adhesion of the UV printer is mainly caused by our inattention to details in our usual operation. If we can pay more attention to the daily operation and maintain the machine regularly, the machine failure rate will be greatly reduced.


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