How to deal with the air intake of the UV printer head?

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UV printer is an indispensable device in modern printing, but there will be some unexpected problems in production. The most common problem is the air intake of the nozzle during ink change and ink loading.

     When ink is installed in the uv printer, when the ink cartridge is removed, the nozzle is the easiest to enter the air. When the ink is added too quickly, it is easy to cause the air outlet of the ink outlet to be unclean, which will cause the nozzle to enter the air and break the line during printing. . The way to deal with the air intake of the uv printer nozzle is to remove the ink cartridge, flick or knock with your fingers, then place the ink outlet down for a period of time, and then install the nozzle back to the universal printer for nozzle cleaning, with a longer interval , So that the ink can sink naturally.

     The uv flatbed printer is slightly different. First choose a clean glass, put a small amount of water on the glass, and then soak the nozzle in the clear water on the glass for several hours, and then wipe the nozzle with a dust-free cloth to make the nozzle smooth Just ooze out the ink. You can also pump air to the ink cartridge from the vent to speed up the ink flow from the nozzle.

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