How to deal with the UV flatbed printer head for a long time?

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Many customers who have UV flatbed printers will be treated by the head when the UV printer is not used for a long time. After all, the head is the soul of the whole machine. If the head is broken, it will not only delay the construction period, but also waste money, and buy a head. It’s not cheap, and the ones with better quality are tens of thousands. However, it is very common that flatbed printers are not used for a long time and cannot be avoided. For example, the Spring Festival, the National Day holiday can be as short as 3-5 days, as long as ten days and a half months, and even some self-employed, sometimes not a month. There are also some start-ups. In this case, if the machine is not maintained, it will cause serious problems such as the failure of the head and the blockage of the ink circuit system.

If it is determined that the head of the machine will not need to be removed for a long time, seal the head with a protective film; remove the ink tube to clean the secondary ink cartridge, and take out the UV ink stored in the large ink cartridge and put it back into the UV ink bottle. can. Third, it is also necessary to cover the surface of the UV flatbed printer with a layer of cloth to avoid the accumulation of dust for a long time, causing rust and abrasion of parts such as screw rods and guide rails. You can clean the core parts in advance to wipe off the lubricating oil.

Although the machine is not used for a long time, the heads are still maintained. 

There are six maintenance methods for the heads of the UV flatbed printer:

  1. The socket of the UV printer head cannot be touched by hand to prevent oxidation;
  2. When installing, the sprinkler socket must be aligned and cannot be hard inserted. If the pinhole is broken and the contact is not good, the sprinkler will not work normally;
  3. No ink or cleaning fluid can enter the head socket, and the contaminated socket can be cleaned with alcohol;
  4. A good heat dissipation environment must be maintained when the head is used, otherwise, the head circuit is easily damaged;
  5. Static electricity damages the head circuit part very seriously. When operating the head or touching the head plug-in board, the operator must eliminate the static electricity factor;
  6. If the print head is disconnected during printing, you must pause the print to suck the head. If the print head is severely clogged, you can clean the print head with a cleaning fluid, and then suck the ink out. Note: the severely clogged print head will cause color difference after cleaning.

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