How to develop the UV printing industry under the epidemic

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This epidemic has a huge impact on the uv printer industry. A few months of closure has caused most of the industrial production to almost stagnate. Fortunately, due to the effective and timely epidemic prevention strategy adopted by the public, the economy began to slowly recover in April, but the foreign epidemic ended. Time is far away, which has led to a sharp drop in export orders, and export-oriented enterprises are on the verge of survival. For the UV printer industry, it is necessary to find a way out so that it will not be eliminated by the current bad environment. How can we seek a breakthrough?

First of all, UV printer manufacturers should consider reasonable concessions to customers. The epidemic has affected printing companies` reduction in production orders and directly affects purchasing power. The original planned purchase cycle has to be postponed. At this time, as long as the UV printer companies make certain concessions, Can re-mobilize customers’ desire to buy, manufacturers and customers can tide over difficulties together, and win-win cooperation.

Secondly, the UV printer industry should tap into emerging markets. The epidemic is both a challenge and an opportunity. The general industry is hit harder, but it is an opportunity for the medical protection industry. We should seize the opportunity to apply to these industries.

This epidemic will shuffle the entire industry, survival of the fittest, and weak manufacturers will be eliminated, UV printer manufacturers will be more concentrated in a few, this is also an inevitable trend in the development of a certain industry, so manufacturers should be upgraded in this special period Innovative technology has developed more efficient and stable machines. The Mi color printing R&D team is also constantly testing, developing and improving new models to accompany everyone to win the battle of the epidemic.


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