How to distinguish a good printer ink?

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A good effect is inseparable from high-quality inkjet printing, and high-quality inkjet printing is of course inseparable from a suitable ink, so today I will share with you the method of selecting ink when using UV equipment, mainly from the following four Consider the principles.

Head Model Principle

The difference of the heads determines the different inks used. Even if the heads of the same brand have different internal series, the uv inks used are also different.

Common ones are Epson printhead uv ink, Seiko printhead uv ink, Polaris printhead uv ink, Toshiba printhead uv ink, Kyocera printhead uv ink, Konica printhead uv ink, Ricoh printhead uv ink, Searle printhead uv ink.

Material Properties Principles

The materials of the user’s own products are different, and the uv inks used with them are also different. Mainly divided into soft uv ink and hard uv ink.

Soft uv ink

Soft uv ink has a wide range of applications. Generally, soft materials are printed, and the pattern is folded and stretched without cracking, such as soft film, three-P cloth, knife scraping cloth, oil canvas, super transparent sticker, leather, etc.

Soft uv inks include: wallpaper uv ink, soft film uv ink, leather uv ink, car sticker uv ink, light box uv ink, etc.

Hard uv ink

Rigid uv ink generally prints hard materials, and its characteristics are glossy, high color saturation, good color reproduction, and strong image three-dimensionality. Such as kt board, PVC board, acrylic, glass, ceramic tile, metal, etc.

Hard uv inks include: tile uv ink, glass uv ink, acrylic uv ink, mobile phone case uv ink, and metal uv ink.

Ink Performance Principles

Some products pay special attention to outdoor weather resistance, environmental protection, high-temperature resistance, and other processing processes that can not be peeled, insoluble, etc. This requires specially customized uv ink.

After-sales service principle

Usually, uv printer users use the uv ink provided by the manufacturer and enjoy the corresponding quality assurance service. However, due to personal replacement of uv ink, cleaning fluid, etc., the head is blocked, the ink circuit system is damaged, etc., which is not covered by the warranty.


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