How to do it yourself to restore the clogging of the head?

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The 6090 UV flatbed inkjet printer is a good device, also called a 6090 universal printer, because it can print various patterns, text, and trademarks on the plane of any product, suitable for printing and printing small and medium-sized enterprises, and is more suitable for entrepreneurs. It is good to start a business. Helper! The most fear is the print head because it costs thousands of dollars to change one. Our printer is okay. No matter how many colors there are, there is only one print head. If it is a UV machine, it will be more troublesome, because there are as many colors as the UV machine. A nozzle, so we must pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the nozzle. Based on my many years of experience, I have summarized a very good method. It is very practical and will be taught. Do it yourself to make the clogged nozzle return to normal immediately! A good way is for everyone to share together!

Soak the nozzle to restore the head to normal

        When we find that the content printed by the inkjet printer is broken or white, and there is still a lot of ink remaining in the printer cartridge, we must use manual cleaning to remove the ink particles that are clogged at the head. When using manual methods to clean the blocked ink head, we first need to carefully take out the ink cartridge installed in the cartridge holder, and carefully observe whether there is an integrated circuit part at the bottom of the ink cartridge, which is actually the position of the nozzle Location; Next, find an ordinary tea cup, pour some warm water at about 60 degrees Celsius into it, and place the integrated circuit part at the bottom of the cartridge in warm water for about 20 minutes. Here I need to remind everyone to pay attention Yes, we can only immerse the integrated circuit part at the bottom of the cartridge in water, and never immerse the entire cartridge in water.

       When the head part at the bottom of the ink tank has been immersed in warm water for more than 20 minutes, we must remove the ink cartridge from the water in time, and then forcefully shake off the water attached to the surface of the nozzle. We will find the position of the nozzle during the process. Some ink will flow out at the same time. At this time, we can use a clean cotton gauze to wipe off the ink, and then reinstall the successfully cleaned ink cartridge into the inkjet printer cartridge holder according to the correct method. Finally, we might as well execute Take a print test page operation to see if the print head can work normally at this time.

        In the actual use of universal printers, many printing users often frequently take out the ink cartridges from the printer cartridge holders, which can easily cause serious blockage of the print nozzles, and even part of the ink inside the ink cartridges can dry up. , The printer will generally fail to print at this time. When encountering such a phenomenon that the nozzle is severely blocked, we must prepare some alcohol with a concentration of about 95% and a plastic medical syringe, and then use a disposable infusion tube to connect the ink supply port of the print nozzle, and then connect the print nozzle to the ink supply port. The head is placed in alcohol with a concentration of about 95%, and then the alcohol is sucked into the medical syringe through the print nozzle, and the clogged ink in the nozzle can be cleaned up by repeating the ink absorption operation several times.

       Tips: Considering that the ink components produced by different ink manufacturers are different if different brands of ink are often mixed and used together, they are prone to chemical reactions and may produce particles. These particles will cause harm to the print head and thus easily Cause the print head to be clogged. Therefore, in order to reduce the number of clogged print heads, we try not to frequently change the ink model, so as not to cause damage to the print heads. In addition, you need to reinstall a new ink cartridge every time you use empty ink; when installing a new ink cartridge, you must control the installation force. If you are absent-minded and forced to press the ink cartridge into the cartridge holder, it is easy to cause the ink cartridge support mechanism to deform Or shift, which affects the normal spraying of ink; therefore, when installing a new ink cartridge, try to follow the instructions of the universal printer operation manual and use appropriate force to place the ink cartridge into the ink cartridge support mechanism, instead of using brute force to damage the ink cartridge holder.

Borrowing external force to restore the clogged head to normal

        If we find that the content printed by the flatbed printer is only that the ink traces are relatively faint, and other printing operations are normal, it means that the head of the ink cartridge is not blocked very seriously. When the nozzle is blocked, we can use the built-in nozzle cleaning program of the universal printer to restore the clogged nozzles to normal. Generally speaking, most models of inkjet printers will have a built-in special nozzle cleaning program.

       For example, the author has an inkjet printer model MC-6090. Recently, when using this printer to print materials, the author found that the printed text was not very clear, so I planned to use the inkjet printer’s own nozzle cleaning Program, to clean the clogged print head. During the nozzle cleaning operation, I first put a clean sheet of A4 paper into the printer’s paper feed slot, and then click the “Start”/”Settings”/”Printers and Faxes” command to open the printer list in the local computer. Window, right-click the target inkjet printer icon in the window, execute the “Properties” command from the pop-up shortcut menu to open the properties setting window of the inkjet printer; click the “Maintenance” tab in the setting window, Enter the label setting page as shown in Figure 1, click the “clean” button in the setting page, the inkjet printer will automatically perform the cleaning operation of the nozzle, and the inkjet printer will automatically perform the cleaning operation after the cleaning operation is completed. Print the test page operation. If the nozzle cleaning is effective, the printed test page should look clearer; if the printed handwriting is still not very clear after performing the nozzle cleaning operation, we might as well click the label page in Figure 1 Click the “Clean thoroughly” button in, to perform a thorough cleaning operation on the print head again. I believe that the blocked print head can be restored to normal working condition.


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