How to identify UV tablet printer performance?

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Today, there are more and more manufacturers producing UV flatbed printers, and there are countless models of UV flatbed printers. There are all kinds of products introduced by the manufacturers, but the printer functions are similar. Users are often confused and feel very confused. How can you judge the quality of this printer? Is the performance stable?

First of all, you have to learn to recognize the accuracy of the flatbed printer’s wiring.

When you see the printer, you can observe more whether the flatbed movement of the UV flatbed printer is balanced and stable, whether there is abnormal sound when moving, and whether the meshing of various accessories is good, if all are good, then the flatbed printer has aligned The accuracy of the machine is very good so that the machine has a good guarantee for the accuracy of the tablet movement.

ps: Tips for testing the accuracy of flatbed printers:

Repeat printing

Find a square frame or an image, and repeat the printing 2-3 times. If it can be completely overlapped, it means that the machine is moving accurately;

Small print

Test and print the 3rd character in PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW, or AI. After printing it out, is it clear to see the character? If it is clear, it means that the accuracy of the printer is high. On the contrary, the accuracy of the printer is not so good.

Secondly, you have to learn to recognize the stability of the UV flatbed printer nozzle.

Whether the nozzle is stable is the most direct proof of the stability of the machine. A good UV flatbed printer must have good quality in terms of the ink supply device, and the nozzles must be durable, clogged ink breakage, and ink leakage should be very few. In addition to the guarantee of the ink supply device, the quality of the ink can directly affect the service life of the nozzle. Good quality ink can ensure that the ink is unimpeded in the ink pipeline. If the ink used by the machine is corrosive, the ink cartridge A filter device is placed inside, so that the purity of the ink can be better guaranteed, and the smooth operation of the machine can be ensured. In addition, whether the user operates in accordance with the normal operating procedures is also a very important factor affecting the stability of the nozzle.

Again, you need to know the difference between the belt drive and the gear drive in the flatbed moving system of the flatbed printer, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The belt drive and gear drive is a very important technical indicator to identify the stability and durability of UV flatbed printers. Some flatbed printers are belt-driven because the belt drive has less friction and low inertia when the printer feeds the paper, so the accuracy is relatively high, and the printing effect is slightly better than the gear drive; but the belt drive also has its big shortcomings.

First is the low belt strength

It is easy to break after continuous work, is not abrasion-resistant, and is not strong against pressure. Therefore, the belt has been basically worn for about eight months to one year, which will seriously affect the accuracy of paper feeding, and even need to replace the belt. Increased costs;

Second, the belt drive load is about 3-5 kg, and the gear drive load capacity is more than 20-25 kg, so the gear drive is more capable of high-intensity production work.

The gear drive does not need to be replaced for life under the condition of the correct use of lubricating oil for maintenance. What kind of transmission mode is used can also directly affect the stability of the machine, which is also a factor that users need to consider carefully.

Finally, you have to learn to recognize and protect the high strength of UV flatbed printers.

UV printer is a kind of production tool. It is used to provide customers with the basis for creating wealth and continuously creating profits for customers. Therefore, UV flatbed printers are required to work continuously with high intensity, so the flatbed printer’s ability to withstand Obviously is particularly important. Therefore, customers must master the general maintenance and maintenance skills learned during the training, and also learn to detect the fineness of the printer’s flat transmission parts and the wear resistance and durability of the materials, because there are only good materials and exquisite machining processes. Only then can it provide a good foundation for the high-intensity work of the printer.


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