How to install the G5i head of the high-speed cylindrical bottle printer?

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Step ①. Prepare the required G5i printheads (three heads as standard, if there is no varnish, only two white color heads), several ink tubes, 8 ink filters, printhead data lines (25P and 30P), and several printhead Set screws.

Step ②. Assume that we install the first print head first to be used as white ink. First, take out the G5i print head from the packaging box, remove the protective rubber plugs on the data cable slots of the print heads, which are 25P and 30P, and put them into the rubber plugs respectively. , as shown in the figure below:

Step 3. Confirm that the data cable of the print head is clean and tidy, free of stains, and the PIN pins are free from peeling or missing, etc., and then insert the end of the data cable of the print head with the rubber plug into the slot of the data cable of the print head vertically and parallelly. The side with the PIN pin is facing down (the side with the pin in the slot), and the blue insulating side is facing up (the side without the pin in the slot). When inserting, be careful not to deform or bend it, and do not carry any liquid or foreign matter. Insert it well Then confirm again whether it is flat and not inclined, and finally insert the protective rubber plug into the slot, and after inserting, it will look like the left picture below.

Remove the protective cover of the head panel, and put two 3MM Phillips screws into the fixing holes of the head, the side where the data cable is inserted is facing outward, and the head is facing down so that the head falls into the first white ink head hole on the left side of the head bottom plate and confirms that the head is Flat and not inclined, and then use a screwdriver to lock the screws of the heads on both sides to make the heads not loose, as shown in the right picture below:

Step ④. Tighten the inlet and outlet connectors of the ink butterfly filter (the IN side of the filter is facing up), and insert one end of the ink inlet connector into the ink tube that has been inserted into the outlet of the secondary ink cartridge valve (6 length is about 5CM), one end of the ink outlet connector of the filter is plugged into the ink tube (about 3 cm in length) that has been inserted into the ink tube tee joint. Fold or too short. As shown below:

Step ⑤. After the ink tube is plugged in, insert the other ends of the 25P and 30P print head data lines vertically and parallelly into the first print head data line interface on the left facing the front of the machine on the head plate. The installation operation of the color ink and varnish heads is the same as that of the white ink. The ink tube insertion method of the varnish head is the same as that of the white ink. Only the four channels of the color ink head correspond to the secondary ink cartridge KCMY respectively. Finally, insert the head heating control signal wire plug into the J24 or J25 interface. As shown below :


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